Spaces in

Sense Tower has several basic models of spaces that allow you to use them for absolutely any purpose or idea.

Each space is an opportunity to develop your activities.

Meeting Room

This space is a full-fledged meeting room with all the necessary tools to conduct meetings in VR.

It has a table that changes the size depending on the number of participants, chairs, an interactive whiteboard, a screen for presentations, and Google analytics is available.

The meeting room is suitable for those who are used to holding meetings and plans, meetings and interviews without wasting travel time.

For those who are used to managing their time wisely and concentrating on important details.

Sense Tower Gallery

The Tower has a public space in the form of a gallery, the main intention of which is to use it to house and display their work, including NFT collections.

Our gallery allows artists to sell paintings and guides to give paid tours without being physically present at the exhibitions.

We have already managed to hold two art exhibitions in virtual reality. This way, artists can exhibit their work cheaply, and collectors and gallerists can find new talent without having to travel to distant cities.

Sense Tower Cinema

The main function of this space is watching video content, and the presence of a virtual reality helmet will give you a new experience in watching your favorite movies and shows.

The cinema has a menu of room and show control, light and sound control, available functionality for synchronization when showing YouTube videos, pause mode, sound on/off.

Here you can gather your friends from different parts of the world and have a great time in good company.

Performance Space

Our most frequented space, designed with the speaker in mind.

It is a spacious room that allows the speaker to interact directly with the audience, showcase their presentation, and use additional materials as needed. Our platform technology allows one to hear the speaker no matter where the listener is seated.

The speaker becomes the main character in this space.